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released March 18, 2015



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Former Life Paris, France

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Track Name: Lost In Regrets

He is overwhelmed by his anger
She thinks she looks like a monster
Both are the result of an obtuse society
Other victims of your blind conformity

Get a punch in the face,
(Spit blood and stand up straight)
Don’t give up on your dreams
(Let ourselves go with the stream)
Don't be afraid of words you say
(Let's try to trust yourself)
Don't put a spoke in your wheel
(We are our biggest enemy)

I won’t spend my life lost in regrets
I won’t let myself burn like an old cigarette
We've got to beat off everything which could be a threat
How can we stop if we haven't tried yet

Some people stay trapped in their past
Things you've done were not a miscast
Draw away from the look of others
You've got to stop walking backwards
Just let's try to over this war
Against yourself or you will smother

If it drills your mind, If it makes you blind now
If you think aloud, you will shout it out
Track Name: Never Fit The Mold

I can’t fake beauty
But I face hypocrisy
Too many people are too blind to see
They want a picture of dream
Just let me give you the real me
I can’t ignore the way I feel
I’ll never be the one you need

I’m hiding pieces of myself
Not to be locked in your cage
(I) don’t play your game
I will never fit the mold
(I) don’t look for glitter and gold
I keep control

They feed you with smiles
To make believe it’s fine
They’ve got not limits and play with your life
Enjoy crossing lines

Bury you, bury me
Erase your personality
Turn you into a sheep
I don’t want to be a part of this
Track Name: Sick & Crazy

I'm dirty
I'm sick, I'm crazy
I'm a lost soul
Too far from home

There're always right things to say
So let's scream til there's nothing left
We will start a new revolution now
At the end of the tunnel, we can see the light

Don't wake me up from my reality
Screw your life I'm better off silly

I'll run faster
To get off I'll go further
I won't save my soul
I'll be right and bold
I will flee
Won't take on consequences
Won't redeem myself
For mistakes you make

Maybe I don't have track of time
But it is not the day I fall in line
Maybe I don't think straight
I'm sorry but I can't wait
Track Name: Blank

Shades of grey and deep black
Darken my picture of life
Now, I've got to find a way
To fill in this blank space

Every page got a colour pen
If I let myself go I can draw again
Some new stars in a brand new sky
Evething starts from here
Hold on my fear

I’m tired of compressing my head
Words need a little bit of fresh air
I've got to empty my mind
Leave that fustration behind

Give a pen to everyone
Spout the ink it's time to move on
Be the master of your destiny
Erase walls and sketch your story

I ripped my memories up
I creased my past it's now covered with dust
I start a new book of existence
I pick up pieces of my experience

Pages get filled
Now I can breath
Track Name: Remains Of Humanity

I just wanna be part of something
But my body starts knocking out my feelings
It folds my mind, my senses are denied
And I ask myself if my thoughts are still mine

It's there, I feel it
Crawling in my skin,
I go into a spin
I need my medicine

Refrain : When my hearing gets lost
I no longer discern reality
When my disease exhausts
My last remains of humanity

Do you think I can't see you spit on my back
I'm not a fool, I'm not the one you track

I know your scorn I can see your grin
You're akin to it
I'm choking when you staring at me
You're not who you pretend to be

Can it be here?
In my deep recesses
Unless there is
Something in my medicine


There is no light
Why is this dark so bright?
Is there a sign
May I change my bloodline?
I'm just disconected from myself
I'm just disconected from who I really am

I can not be broken, got my eyes wide open
You're too far from earth so you can't be hurt
I'm over everything, yeah I am my own king
If you try to fly you will touch the sky
Track Name: Long Time Ago

That is so far away
I’ve trouble remembering it
I’m so confused nothing comes back to me
Neither a link a feeling nor a fear
I can’t bear it

Everything gets complicated
Since I’ve stopped believing in fairy tales
Life was easy before I comprehend
That memories fade, that people change,
When I try to be the same

There’s something wrong,
I can see that everybody’s gone
I try to find the reason why
I take a look around
I think I’m breaking down
I’ve got fight

I never stop running after time
There’s that fear in my mind
All I need is just a little sign
Telling me things will work out

I remember all these smiles
Everything seemed to be right
But that was one more lie
And when I look at me today
Suffocating, scared and pained
I wonder what could have happened

My childhood’s been killed
By a lot of bullshit
I’m finished with this!

From me

Far from me I wanna go
Far from me, I just wanna know
Far from me, a long time ago
Far from me, I hope I’ll know
Track Name: Rise The Sound

I wake up early in the morning
Eyes closed, my mind still dreaming
In the mouth I've got a bitter taste
My mind needs to be somewhere else

I drag my feet a little more
And I kick my heart walking out the door

So I rise the sound
Get louder in my veins
I just rise the sound
To release me from my chains

Music is a window to freedom
My secret place at any season
A powerful tool to empty my mind
The greatest asset of mankind

I look up to the sky and I go right
Cause I found something to carry my heart