Behind The Mirror

by Former Life

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released January 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Former Life Paris, France

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Track Name: New one
So many times you’re looking at my face
As you’re always waiting for my smallest mistake
There are whispers about where are going my steps
And I am denied even the right to fail

It’s a constant fear eating at me but that I’ve got to hide, keep inside
I’m so afraid to ignoring who I am where I go that I’m cold

Look at me, take my tears, my safety, my joy, my life
I give you all of this but please ask me I don’t want more fights
I’d just wanna be a new one

I’ve got a place to leave, a need of air, a break of living
As if Earth stop thinking about my cares, about my damn things
Go on judging me, if for you it’s fair, rail against my being
But I still wonder, would you do better if you were me?

‘Cause it’s a constant fear eating at us and that we’ve got to hide, to stay proud
Even if we’re scared to ignoring who we became where we’ll go, we don’t wanna be alone


You think it hurts yeah? to see your world wich collapse
It’s even worse men you are just totally wrecked
All your shit kills me, I just wanna say fuck you
‘Cause you know nothing about my definition of « loose »
Track Name: Life blade
She wanders in her head
Wants to run away from herself
‘Cause there’re now just memories
And she’s swallowing their ashes

Sometimes she feels alive
But guilty of something
She’s got to escape to survive
But doesn’t find the exit?

So destroyed that she can’t look at her face in the mirror
She needs to breath, she hurts herself not to feel useless anymore
She kills her mind hoping that she’ll know her rebirth
But she’s only going deeper in that cold desert

Take that life blade and let it slide down on your skin
Free the black liquid and feel what you never feel

Breath, breath, breath in fire
Burn, burn what you desire
Let the fear get more power
Shout out the hatred that transpire

Track Name: Take that place
Those flowers for this pretty home
A kind of heaven a little bit too cold
We see them smile, we think they’re shy
But we don’t even suppose that door hide
A dirty secret inside

And when simple people fall asleep
This woman fights her biggest fear
Insults, submission, kicks
She lives on her knees

She takes his hand, not to feel safe
But ’cause he let them crash down on her face
He’s not ashamed of who he became
He only wanna get rid of his rage
And she’s still take that day after day
She gets over again and it doesn’t make sense
But she says « I’m in love with him »
And sometimes « I feel guilt »
But she’s still going adrift

Do you think about this little girl hiding under her bed?
Is it good for her to believe that’s a normal family way?
Closed doors, sobs and screams : a new lullaby theme…
Free violence that she does not understand

So still let him play
Go on to pray
Convince yourself that is the price to pay
Then to see better days

You take his hand, not to feel safe
But ’cause he let them crash down on your face
He’s not ashamed of who he became
He only wanna get rid of his rage
And you’re still take that day after day
You get over again and it doesn’t make sense
But you say « I’m in love with him »
And sometimes « I feel guilt »
And you’re still going adrift
Track Name: Wake up
What do you want to change
If you close your eyes on what’s wrong?
Don’t try to redeem yourself
You can’t go back time is gone

So today look at him bleeding in front of your eyes
You never tried to help him. He was alone in his fight
And he’s been beaten up before
You act like you don’t know
But we both know that you let him down

Wake up, stand up
You can’t give up
And make them winners
You can’t shut up
And let them have trust

What do you want to change
If you go on doing nothing ?
Can you look at yourself again
With all those pictures in your head ?

So tonight tell him why he is face down on the ground
‘Cause you never wanted to help him
He is alone in his fight, alone in his fight !


He feels so lonely soaking in his blood
His head has just hit the floor in a thud
He can hardly move, riddled with pain
Do you see all those tears in his face?
He doesn’t cry because of his ache
He’s just thinking that they will do it again
Track Name: Fake a smile
A little conversation
I’d rather it was just for fun
But this is it
You reduced all these years to nothing
I heard your voice
I didn’t wanna understand, I seemed to be lost
Where I’ve gotta go now? Must I wander as a ghost?

Some people say that it could be worse than that
But losing you is same as you kill my heart

You, yes I trusted you
Now there’s nothing anymore
So fake a smile, yeah fake a smile to
You, if you think you feel so good
Close our book
Then fake a smile, lie to your mind

I took your words as razorblades in my chest
And I think you overlook this
Just to forget our story
But it doesn’t work
I should have a choice
A way to fix it
A « sorry » more sincere
I don’t even see your tears

I can’t figure out, I can’t even shout
Is it so easy to chuck it all in to destruct everything with some thoughts?
I’m on the ground
Cause you put me so down
Your voice hurts me, I don’t wanna hear more sound from


I took the words you said as razorblades in my chest
Did you overlook this just to forget our story
I don’t want things to go that way
‘Cause there’s no price to pay
Look me in the eye and tell me
You can live your life without me
Track Name: Anchored to my mind
I feel like I’m suffocating
I’m dying to hate you but I can’t do it
How can I figure out all this?
Time didn’t wait for me, It’s too late to fix things

There’re no more one to make fall
It seems that everything’s back to normal

Is that what I deserve?
Not to realize before that I love you more than my whole life
Look how much it hurts
I put you out of sight but you’re still anchored to my mind

I don’t even dare to stop moving
Not to think about you and her living
A perfect kind of love,
All the things that I’ve lost

Imagining your intimacy
Giving her those looks that in the past you gave me
I swear I’m trying the best I can
Not to feel too much pain

But I won’t let close our story
I don’t want you to go far from me


Not enough actions to make things change
But to much words said in vain
All those thought are killing my brain
I’d like you to teach me how to heal
There’re no more things wrong here
There’s just someone who’s missing

Track Name: Here we go again
Looking back I see
That I can’t really win
I’m burning my own wings
Just for my dream
Because I’m so deep i it

[Chorus :]
Here we go again
For you and from my den
We are all in this
And we will break it
It’s sure

I have lost so much time
And why ?
Now I know I should survive
You’ve gotta !
But I’m so afraid to fail again
And to put out my last flame


Look at my face
I’ll be strong enough to break
I am here by myself
Not because of you men
I got up and I healed my grief
There’re people who believe in me
That’s why I will defeat

Here we go again
For you and from their veins
Track Name: It takes place this morning
You look through the window
And see the rain which falls
Waiting for the storm
To go away and leave your soul
Distress running under your skin
You do not even dare to blink

For you and me yeah
For everybody
Don’t loose the faith, hold on, be invincible
Believe on all your life
It can take place one morning
Trust the beating of your heart

There’s always someone to destroy
Your dream, a wrong thing that you can’t avoid
But you never must give in. Now
Get up, come with me and make some noise

Sometimes you want to leave, just forget everything
Free yourself of that grief, go away for your relief
Stop shirking your problems, you should fight against them
And go on with this flame, you’ve got it in your veins
I know you will succeed


It’s you and me yeah
It’s everybody
Together we are just invincible
Open your eyes on life
It takes place this morning
We’ll be the ones to climb